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Since the company was founded in 1986, are more than 35 years dedicated to the specialty market for large turbochargers , that is posible today have divers customers users Diesel Engines medium and large size , applied on Railways companies, Maritime, Supply Boats, Navy´s, Mining, Tugboats , Thermoelectric Energy Companies , Industries , etc. , Providing, complete new equipments, or remanufactured , and all spare parts to replacement for equipment of divers model such as ALCO , GE , EMD , ABB , MAN , NAPIER , COOPER , etc., we are a trade company and as an alternative to self import complete equipment and spare parts to be beyond the manufacturer of a large number of components for Turbochargers .


Since 2002, American Turbo has been working on special projects Turbochargers , specially designed and built to replace older models Turbocharger still in operation that have low efficiency , to reduce maintenance costs , failure rate and reduce consumption



Since 1995 we are representative of the  KBB  Turbochargers, that company has greatly increased in las recent years , and is now a major supplier of original Turbochargers to large number of manufacturers of diesel engines around the world , especially for marine engines , stationary , auxiliary industries etc ; American Turbo provides permanent assistance and technical support to all customers, we have stock of major parts necessary to equipment maintenance services. (See link on logo)



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